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Is Red Deer on the road to insignificance as hinted at by Alberta Health Services?



Is Red Deer on the road to insignificance?
There have been many signals that Red Deer is not a player in this millennium.
Population decline while the county and neighbouring communities are growing. Alberta Health Services has once again taken Red Deer off the priority list. The next high school will be built in Blackfalds. Stars Lottery has a 2018 dream home prize in Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge but not in Red Deer like they had in other years.
Federally Red Deer has been broken up into 2 different electoral districts based out of rural centers. The city had been slow to react to federal plans to split the city and was unconvincing at the 11th hour to prevent it.
Last year we found out our city’s population declined by 975, while Blackfald,s population grew by 700. Did we stop to think or did we just blame the province? The province took the blame, even though the province grew during this period as did Penhold, Sylvan Lake and the county.
Blackfalds, 4 years ago, invested in the Abbey Recreation Centre and the town saw rapid growth. Something like 26% growth while Red Deer has only grown around 1.5% in that time frame. Blackfalds is moving forward on twinning their Multi-Plex to the tune of $12 million. Remember this is 4 years after opening their $15 million Abbey Centre.
The city of Red Deer is delaying discussing building an Aquatic Centre, 16 years after opening the Collicutt Centre.
Blackfalds, population of 9,916 will spend $1,210 per person twinning their multi-plex just 4 years after spending $2,000 per person on the Abbey Centre. 2013 population of Blackfalds was around 7,500.
In just a few years Blackfalds has committed about $3,000 per resident on recreational facilities.
Red Deer, population 99,832 is looking at spending less than $1,000 per resident on recreational facilities in decades.
Blackfalds has the fastest growing population in Canada.
Red Deer is abdicating it’s leadership role in Central Alberta. Penhold, Sylvan Lake and Blackfalds have all invested in their recreational facilities in recent years and have maintained population growth while Red Deer has ceased investing in new facilities, and seen a decline in population.
Red Deer Taxpayers Association have repeatedly acknowledged that Red Deer needs an Aquatic Centre with a 50 metre pool. During next year’s Canada Games which Red Deer is hosting, swimming events requiring a 50m pool will be held in Calgary. We should have built the pool years ago, as it has been almost 17 years since we built the Collicutt Centre’s pools.
We are known nationally for poor air, and high crime but we are nowhere on the lists of health care priorities, or best place to retire, so are we on the road to insignificance? Some one needs to ask.


Success in politics depends on untruths in today’s political arena.



“Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is doubling-down on his personal attacks on Justin Trudeau, straying from predictable partisan abuse to outright fiction—this from a man who promised to be a shiny new leader with a positive vision,” writes Susan Riley. The Hill Times
I mentioned this in passing after discussing the incorrect information given by Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer when he stated he was quoting from an economic report, and I was told that all politicians lie.
I can see why politics has become something less than desirable. Should we just accept that all politicians lie and vote for them? No.
There are too many politicians who are simply politicians. We used to get successful farmers, business owners, CEOs, with passion for their careers turning to politics out of a sense of duty and desire. Now we are voting for politicians who only know and understand politics.
The percentage of voters who actually vote has been decreasing and thinking all politicians lie could be part of it. Why waste their time voting when all politicians are the same, unbelievable and partisan.
A former Prime Minister’s communications director, argued that telling lies wins elections. If one thinks about how lies brand people, and the brand sticks after the lies are forgotten.
The statement about the Prime Minister taking 18 family days in 6 months sounds awful if you take it in the concept of normal work weeks of 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. A Prime Minister works 7 days a week and has to be available 24 hours a day. The average person has 55 days off every 6 months so a Prime Minister taking 18 days off seems impressive. The same could be argued about all the vacations the Prime Minister has supposedly taken. Some like the China trip, for example, were official trips on behalf of the government.
Let us look at the latest political variance from the truth.
The most recent example is that swing set the Trudeau installed at Harrington Lake. Lots of parents buy swing sets for their kids. Admittedly, a much smaller percentage of them pay $7,500 for them.
But the way Conservative leader Andrew Scheer raised the subject, you would think that Trudeau had taken the money straight out of the Mint to splurge on his brood’s private playground.
The reality check here would normally be to simply state the facts. Trudeau personally paid for the swing set, charging taxpayers $1,800 for its installation, as per National Capital Commission rules. Presumably when he leaves as prime minister, the swing set stays — along with the sauna (also paid for by Trudeau), and the refurbished deck and floating dock.
But the reality check in this case is that Scheer chose to use the $7,500 figure after the PM disclosed that he had paid that money himself.
The Opposition leader wanted people to condemn Trudeau for implied extravagance at the public expense. What he was really doing was trashing the PM for something he hadn’t done, using an assertion that was either meaningless or deliberately false.
In other words, post-truth trash. Michael Harris.
Andrew Scheer personifies politics at the highest level because he could be potentially, the next Prime Minister, not because he has the best ideas, plans and policies but because he may have the best Lies.
If all politicians lie, and some will argue that, should we accept it? In the world of fake news, political untruths, and voter distrust who do we go to for answers?

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Staff shortages forces ambulances to be rerouted to Lacombe. Red Deer’s population is declining due to job losses. What?

Garfield Marks



I was informed yesterday that Edmonton news was reporting that due to staff shortages at Red Deer’s hospital, ambulances were being rerouted to Lacombe.
The nurses union filed a grievance with the province about nurses having to work long hours and extra shifts because of 27 unfilled vacancies in the emergency room.
Ironically this came after a heated discussion about Red Deer’s shrinking population when I was told, that it was due to job losses.
Quite the conundrum, job losses and unfilled vacancies.
One would wonder if Red Deer is habituated by unskilled labour or is simply unattractive to professionals. If the case can be made that Red Deer is not attracting professionals, then we should address the issue.
One of the main considerations about moving to any community is access to health care. If we have limited access to health care, when we are sent by ambulance to smaller communities like Lacombe, or as is often the case we are sent to smaller communities like Olds for surgical procedures. Don’t accept it, address it.
If one is concerned about being separated from your spouse when, due to age related issues, your health declines, I can name many who have been sent, due to lack of beds, to Innisfail, Stettler and Rimbey while their elderly spouses remained in Red Deer.
If these are concerns, why move to Red Deer?
Red Deer did not make the top 100 lists for places to retire or friendliest communities, but did make the top 10 lists for crimes and violence. These could also influence professionals from relocating to Red Deer and leaving vacancies unfilled.
The Edmonton news reported about the hospital issues, CBC reported about our poor air quality, Globe and Mail reported about our high crime rate yet here in Red Deer we ignore the signs and support the status quo, and condemn those who dare question or offer suggestions.
Trust me, I know.

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