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Podcasters doing their part to promote Alberta film industry



Did you know that the film industry in our province generates north of $250 million each year?  Many wouldn’t know because it’s a quiet industry. It doesn’t pollute, and it generates a significant ROI when productions shot here are shown in other parts of the world. The industry is a key strategic contributor to our economy and our image. 

This podcast is a great example of industry pros working tirelessly to promote their industry.  At Todayville we are big believers in the opportunity strong cultural industries in our province can bring and certainly applaud their efforts. The Alberta Filmmakers podcast has three main goals; the exploration of the Alberta film community and the people within it, promoting the content that is created by that community, and archiving the stories and knowledge of the older generation in hopes of saving some of their wisdom and distributing it to the next generation.  

“The latest episode is called The Feature Film Files where we have a long discussion all about the making of an Alberta film.” said Matt Watterworth, one of the creators. “In this case, it’s “To The Mountain”, a very tiny budget film that is getting distribution which is amazing for a $10,000 budget.” 

This episode’s guest is Producer of “To The Mountain”, Paige K. Boudreau. It’s hosted by Matt Watterworth and Scott Westby, produced by Calgary’s  Full Swing Productions, and now in its second season.


L-R Guest Paige K Boudreau, Matt Waterworth, Scott Westby

Here’s what Matt Watterworth says about the Filmakers Podast:  

“The podcast came about because Scott (Westby) and I are very much about legacy. We’re still relatively new or young in our careers, but we recognized that there are a few problems in our industry that the podcast can help combat. The first is that filmmakers in Alberta aren’t very good at promoting or celebrating themselves. Another is that the industry and community is very silo-ed, there’s not enough communication happening between each clique, section of the industry, community group, government body, or collective.”

“Another challenge our community faces is internal competition. Many in our community are protective and competitive when it comes to their accomplishments, and there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s their decision. But Scott and I have decided that it’s more effective for us to share the knowledge, tips, tricks and the really hard data like grant applications, production budgets and financing structures.”

The team believes these are the kind of things that can really make a difference for a new filmmaker.  Sharing ideas that can help unlock money or introduce them to a film festival is very important.

“One example is a group of great filmmakers who heard about a 48 Hour Film Competition put on by The Calgary Underground Film Festival and The Calgary Expo on our podcast, said Watterworth. “So they submitted, created a film and won first place. They said they wouldn’t have even known about the event if it wasn’t for our show so that’s a big deal for us and is hopefully demonstrative of a larger impact we’re having.”

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Community is everything to this locally-owned business



Community supporter

The word “community” has as many meanings as the people who use the word.  Is it the place that you live?  Is it the people you care about? Is it a group of people with common interests?  Or a group from a common cultural background?

In the case of Derrick Peterson, “community” means everything.  It’s the city, the region, the people who live here, his employees, his clients, and the organizations that work hard to improve things. His business, Riverview Insurance Solutions, a local success story with 3 decades of service under its belt, depends on serving a wide cross-section of businesses, farms, and family.

We caught up to Derrick and associate Nathan Toornstra at the Alberta Open, held recently at the historic Red Deer Golf and Country Club. We wanted to get their thoughts on why it’s important for them to get involved in community events and charitable initiatives.

“We take the time to get to know you and learn what you expect from your coverage and what you expect from us. From there, we will present you with several options and educate you on the pros and cons of each to assist you in making an informed decision.”

Riverview Insurance Solutions is a Central Alberta based firm that uses an educational and advisory approach. We work with businessesindividuals/families, and farmers to create personalized programs to address their employee benefits, asset protection, and wealth preservation concerns.

Read more stories about local businesses in the area.

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To Market, To Market, To Buy a . . .




My Saturday, July 7 trip to the Red Deer Farmers’ Market was not to buy a fat pig. I did have a lengthy chat with Dennis Moffat who runs the market and has been doing so for half his life. Dennis was my PE teacher back in the 60’s when I attended River Glen School–one of the really good ones we all hope to have. He spent many years on City Council and is also known for his silk screen art. I’ll likely interview the Market’s founder at a later date but, for now, here’s a YouTube video.

My videos this week are of the Chicken Lady, a local singer, and the Pottery Lady. As I chat with each one, I learn a great deal and often have fellow marketers stop to add to the conversation. Cindy, of Rooster Ranch, told me how she’d lost 40 chickens last week.

Either a fox or skunk or weasel has discovered the ranch and is rustling up supper with a seemingly endless appetite. I suggested mounting a trail camera to discover who and how the flock is being attacked. Hopefully, she’ll be able to hatch a plan to catch the varmint.

Bradley Abel is the second video.

I only captured a minute of a self-written tune but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe next week I’ll pick up his CD. He plays solo and with a band (known simply as the Bradley Abel Band) at various venues around town. He mentioned a handful but I remember the Hideout, Café Pergola, and the East 40th Pub.

My final video is of Maureen Lewis, the Pottery Lady.

What a fabulous array of all things round? My mom was a bit of a potter and, as my conversation with Maureen revealed, Maureen had purchased some of mom’s potting tools when Donna Mae had fired her last project.

Those are Saturday’s videos but my visit to the Market entailed many more conversations and stops. As always, I picked up my coffee from Phil and Darla, a Sassy Salad from Cindy, cukes from Edgar Farms, a 6-pack of cinnamon buns, Sunflower Sprouts from I Love Sprouts (grown in one of the hangars at Springbrook), and 5 for $10 videos–including 3 old Clint Eastwood shoot ‘em ups.

Great weather. Great vendors. Great visits.

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